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"Stone by Stone" (New Works Cabaret- Arlington, Texas)

"Stone by Stone' from Crawlspace was one of 20 songs selected and performed during a New Works Cabaret in Arlington Texas organized by Theatre Arlington and Only 20 songs were chosen from over 150 submissions. Drew Gasparini, an award-winning musical theatre composer/lyricist and singer/songwriter was the special guest for event. A big thank you to Rebecca Lowery for putting this performance together, providing such beautiful accompaniment on piano, and being a long-time supporter of our show! Her advice has been invaluable.

About the song: Deep in the metaphorical crawlspace of her mind (and during her interviews with an accused serial killer), Forensic Psychologist Dr. Judy Matthewson faces ghosts from her past. She explores the reasons behind her life-long quest to discover, through science, the origins of human depravity and violence. (Music by Matt Glickstein/ Lyrics by Jason Spraggins)

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